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If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Virginia, the seriousness of the charge should not be underestimated.

At Mark T Schnider, Attorney at Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyer Mark T Schnider can work to help you seek to avoid or reduce these consequences and move forward. Contact Fairfax drug crimes attorney Mark T Schnider today by calling (703) 790-9700.

Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

Take advantage of Mr. Schnider’s years of experience and knowledge of Virginia’s criminal law system to fight charges of:

  • Simple possession
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation or manufacturing
  • Intent to sell
  • Intent to distribute

Even with a conviction of a misdemeanor, you face up to a year in prison and up to $2,500.00 in fines. Especially when the crime involves ‘moral turpitude’ or immoral behavior, a misdemeanor can prevent you from getting the job you want.

The penalties only increase if you are convicted of a felony drug crime: you might not be able to vote, be on a jury, or possess a firearm after a felony drug conviction. You could also lose your driver’s license.

Virginia Drug Possession Lawyer

After your arrest, Mark T Schnider’s excellent relationships with bondsmen could result in reducing your amount of bail to get out of jail. He will determine whether you were appropriately read your Miranda rights and if you were not, move to have the charges dismissed.

Defense attorney Schnider will work hard on your behalf to get the charges dismissed, or if you are convicted, to argue that circumstances in your case should allow for a reduced sentence. If your license is taken away, he can ask the court for a restricted license or ignition interlock device so that you can take your kids to school, or go to work.

If you have been pulled over in a traffic stop and the police found marijuana in your car, he will examine the circumstances to determine if you were illegally pulled over or if drugs were found in the course of an unlawful search. If the search and seizure was unconstitutional, he will move to suppress evidence from being submitted in court.

Mr. Schnider will use his knowledge of Virginia’s sentencing guidelines and connections with programs that work as alternatives to jail to determine your best option when considering plea bargains and methods to reduce your sentence. These programs include:

  • First-offender programs
  • Working with the Salvation Army or other associations
  • Detention/diversion programs
  • Drug rehabilitation programs

These programs may also reduce the likelihood of probation or parole violations later on.

Mark T Schnider will use his years of experience in the courtroom, talent for legal analysis and passion for litigation to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. Contact an Arlington drug trafficking attorney by calling (703) 790-9700 if you need help with a drug crimes charge.